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What is Spiritual Insight Healing & How Does it Compliment Counselling

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

We are all the infinite devine and powerful. We are magic but not as we know it. - Unlike the great magician that places his beautiful assistant in a box proceeding to cut her in half without leaving a mark and having her exit the box in full form astonishing the audience and leaving them in awe. Encore encore - Praise be the great magician and his brave assistant - Are you entertained?!?

But how much longer can you live on being the entertainer? How much longer will you go on wearing that mask, creating an illusion that only satisfies others, complimenting only your exterior....

We spend a majority of our lives unconsciously living a lie that was once told to us as a kid. 'You are so stubborn and hard headed Saniya'. - Was one of the most common phrases I was bombarded with as a child. Another was 'Mashikio ka popo', Swahili for 'Ears as large as Bat wigs'.

My sister on the other hand, was the beautiful, clever and sensible one. She would always style to perfection and speak with such grace and light tone to her voice. Forever with a novel in her hand. Growing up I envied this but at the same time I never wanted to be this way.

I remember priding myself in being the stubborn, big eared girl with weirdish ways. I could not take direction and refuse to conform in schools and places where authorities stood ground. My coordination was off and I could barely walk up the stairs without tripping or spraining an ankle.

Growing up I refused to read books and speak in a soft tone. I learned to speak with harsh words that would leave adults and my peers in shock and utter disgust. This in some ways satisfied me and fed the excuses in my head - 'unloveable San' 'dimm, no brainer or common sense'. You see the above statements became a validation for me.

All my trauma and misfortune was deserved because of these attributes. My life was determined to me from the age of approximately 6 years old. - although this is true to an extent - my point is, is that it was prophesize. Unconsciously and without my knowledge and permission.

By this point I am sure you're catching my drift right? - Like you know where I'm going with is right?

Infact, I could go on and talk about how this way of being impacted my life in many different ways. Both for the better resulting in good times and mood and that of the latter. As much as we counsellors take pride in talking about ourselves and great achievements, I will spare you the lifelong bibliography. _chuckles_ - My journey was unique and indeed so is yours.

What I would like to share with you is - bridge - the connection - interaction of the version of yourself that you have gone through life believing to be your life long truth.

Many of us go through life doing the exact same thing. Living the same routine day after day, year after year. And although it serves us purpose for a time, a small duration of our lives, we can find ourselves making this perminate 'me' 'we' 'us' - Including our situations weather it be work or relationships.

Do we find ourselves, self loaf loaving in our unhappy presence that we make excuses; indeed we did work hard to get to get to where we are now. Indeed you have tried many times (physically & congatativally) to reach your desired destiny. But have we attempted or even considered different avenues? have we really taken the time to listen and take into account what these desires actually are? Are they even ours and how do we find out?

Just I was living up to what was expected of me or at least what I thought was expected of me.

Spiritual insight healing is designed to get you closer to your truth! - Awakening your inner self and creating a path in which the two can meet and become one.

I offer a space of love, safety and clearity. My practice offers a bespoke healing session, including the use of singing bowl meditation combined with a choice of chanting and movement. Cleansing rituals with candles and smudging of self and space.

Regular sessions offer an opportunity for both soul and physical being to meet and eventually connect. Providing us with a larger capacity to overstand and know ourselves as well as others.

It is a life term journey that can be taken away and practised at your own leisure with aims to heightened and enlighten your spiritual vibrations.

Historically in many ways, such rituals have been practised for centuries. In many culture internationally. Comdiding its attribute to what we now consider psychotherapy and counselling.

Although most would call and refer to this practise as mystic theory to self awareness and growth - I do not dismiss. In fact i agree in more ways then one that this statement is true. However i wonder how many of those who stand by this statement, have taken the steps in attempting to open and face themselves in this manner.

Many who call themselves 'mystics' will are usually known to offer you insight into what is to come or who you will become. I, fortunately, will not. I do not have a deck of cards that will mystically tell you your future - The beauty of this journey is about discovering your own answers rather than being told them.

Sore all from within.

Many different definitions can give you an explanation of soul and spirit and what it means. My wish is for you to define your own meaning and understanding of what this is to you.

A subjective and lifelong journey that is forever unfolding.

In many ways, I have worked with couples and individuals to enlighten and brighten their way and path to themselves. Through it all it has indeed brought me closer to myself.

Partially this blog piece is inspired by you. The people that enquire and allow me into their lives.

Ultimately the journey that brings me closer to the Divine in me - Can only bring you closer to the Divine in you!

Peace and enlightenment be with you!

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