Novelty - "New" - Is the quality of being new, original or unusual.

Self - A person or thing referred to with respect to complete individuality.

Self Concept - 

'The curious paradox is that when i accept myself as i am, then i am able to change.' ~Rogers:1987

It is indeed not until we recognize, value and appreciate ourselves fully that we can begin to make changes that could shift ourselves and lives into what is true -- 

True to you, fulfilling all desired ways of being and living our life through our true potential - An encouraged congruent and genuine environment to allow yourself to be true --

The question spins to mind -- I sit and wonder if we value our self as much as we value our items and or others perceptions of us --

Do we become our own novelty? Are you now used and are therefore no longer new? Is your worth now less due to the number of years you spend of this earth.. ?

I ponder on the idea that our beings have been trained from a very early age that 'hurry hurry' , 'If you do not do it now you will suffer'. Hamster on a spinning wheel comes to mind - I chuckle as I type this but seriously .... Take a moment and think no wait , take a moment and FEEL. STOP.. FEEL ..... no explanation just one word .... STOP. FEEL, LISTEN ...


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